So long, Madrid

TL;DR: After ~10 years, I’ve said goodbye to Madrid, and moved to the rainy north of Spain.

I’ll begin admitting that, before moving to Madrid, I loathed the idea. That city, its mad traffic and the rushed people weren’t for me. But, what can I say? That’s been my biggest “I’ll never..”. In your face!

And yes there have been some bad parts. For instance, my health hasn’t been great during these 10 years. But, being honest, work stress, age, and unpredictable random events never help.

The reality, though, is that Madrid has given me and my partner plenty of opportunities to grow personally and professionally. We have had good and bad experiences. But after every bad experience, there were always many new opportunities.

But the most important part, and what made it worthwhile, was all the excepcional and everlasting friends we have made across these years. Some of them stay in Madrid and some of them have also left, but I intend to keep’em all close, one way or another, as time goes on.

I was excited about the change but also, afraid. And now that it’s happened, I couldn’t be happier. I’m closer to nature, and, ahead, there are new routines, new places to visit, new food, new culture (even a bit of new language), and new weather :D

Who knows for how much time we’ll be here. If we will go back to Madrid someday (hopefully we will do for visiting).

But for now, it’s time to enjoy a refreshing change.