Tech mentoring

I mentor individuals from underrepresented groups in tech who struggle with any aspect of their leadership roles as CTO, VP, Director, Head, Engineering Manager, Tech Lead, etc… and need some extra support and/or guidance.

💡 This is not my main professional activity and I do it for free. We can talk in Spanish, English, or Portuguese.

What should the mentoring be about?

This mentoring is about helping you navigate the struggles that come with your role. Leadership positions are challenging, and there is no manual that covers everything. You deal with pressure from various sources while you’re mission is to make a significant impact on the success of the company. You are responsible for creating solutions for your team’s goals and developing a tech strategy that involves both technology and people.

It can be lonely at times, and it’s hard to find people in your environment who understand your specific situation and can help you find the right direction. I’m here to help you overcome these challenges. Whether you need occasional moral support, someone to pitch a strategy for your team, or a different point of view on a specific challenge you’re facing, I’m here to help you succeed.

Why should I be trusted?

Because, at some point in my career, it’s probable that I’ve experienced the same pains as you do now.

I have experience working in tech for many years, in various environments, including product and consultancy companies, as a freelancer, and in different IC roles such as systems engineer, programmer, technical project manager, and leadership positions like tech lead, engineering manager, head, director, and CTO. I have also worked in office and full-remote setups.

Most of my experience has been in small and mid-sized companies with teams ranging from 9 to 300 people. I thrive in the fast-paced nature of startups, but I also understand the challenges and high-demanding goals that come with them.

I believe in diversity and inclusion in the workplace and have helped create better working environments for everyone. I’ve coached people with anxiety and have struggled with it myself.

I am empathetic and collaborative and am used to working closely with anyone who shares the same mission. I have had the privilege of working with many amazing professionals, and I have also worked with individuals who were new to the job and needed more support. I’ve worked with managers who gave me clear direction and others who didn’t.

Who can benefit from this?

I focus on mentoring people in strategic leadership roles such as CTO, VP, Director, or Head levels. I can help as well if you work in other leadership roles like Engineering Manager or Tech Lead whether you just want to feel more comfortable and/or effective in your current role or you are considering moving to more strategic roles.

I focus on helping individuals from underrepresented groups in tech. If you are unfamiliar with what this entails, you can read some articles about the topic, such as Women and Minorities in Tech, By the Numbers or Tech Access to the Underrepresented.

Send me an email to and tell me a bit about how you think I could help you.

Don’t hesitate to reach me if you don’t fit exactly the description. If I’m not the best person to help you or I don’t currently have enough time to do it properly I may be able to recommend readings, training, or other people who can help you. This is a safe space and in no way I will share any information about you unless you ask me to or give me your consent.

Cheers! 👋